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Trekking in the City

Macerata by Marche, in collaboration with qualified tourist and naturalistic guides of the Province of Macerata, organizes for citizens and visitors the interesting guided tours in Macerata “Trekking in Città” to rediscover Macerata in order to deepen their knowledge of the area and to create pleasant moments of conviviality. Each time the thematic itineraries provide a visit to a different area of the city with special openings of great aristocratic palaces, historic homes, churches, caves, with walks to squares, streets and alleys of the old town, parks and gardens. They allow not only to admire the many architectural and artistic beauties but also to recall facts, anecdotes and people that have written the history of our beautiful city, Macerata.

So far, we have organized several guided tours “Trekking in Città” on various themes:

“Macerata through history”

“Italy as a Nation: the patriotic sentiment from Napoleon to Garibaldi”

“Macerata, city of Mary”

“The rediscovery of ancient crafts”

“Bel Canto – delight of the nobility” with the extraordinary opening of some great palaces of Macerata during the eminent Macerata Opera Festival.

“Macerata underground”

“Macerata, yesterday and today: rediscover it together”

“To the rediscovery of parks and gardens of Macerata among nature, history and legend” on the occasion of “Ecologicamente”.

“Easter out of town with us”