Guided tour of Fano – province of Pesaro-Urbino

City of ancient origins, Fano displays an typically Roman urban layout, which has become even richer over the centuries adding Medieval and Renaissance aspects of great prestige. Lying along the Adriatic coast at 12m a.s.l., the town is also a much-frequented holiday resort, where you can taste the food and wine specialities like the brodetto alla fanese, an exquisite fish soup or moretta, a drink of coffee and alcohol. Besides, Fano is famous for its centuries-old carnival.

To visit with a Fano tour guide:

  • Piazza XX settembre, dominated by the magnificent Palazzo della Ragione and embellished by the fontana della Fortuna of 1576, it is the centre of town life, given to civic and commercial activities for centuries;
  • Theatre of Fortuna, incorporated within the Palazzo della Ragione, it constitutes one of the most beautiful theatres of the Marche. Neoclassical in style, it may hold up to 700 people;
  • Palazzo Malatestiano, the ancient court of the Malatesta dynasty it today is home to the Archaeological Museum and the Art Gallery, famous for its collection of Baroque paintings, with works by Guercino, Domenichino, Guido Reni, etc…;
  • Cathedral, already founded before the 1000s though often remodeled, the church contains notable Romanesque remains as well as the splendid cappella Nolfi, Romanesque remains as well as the splendid cappella Nolfi, frescoed at the beginning of the 17th century by the famous Bologna painter, Domenichino;
  • Arch of Augustus, together with the belt of town walls, it makes up the most important structure remaining of the ancient Roman town of Fanum Fortunae, that marked out the arrival to the town of the consular Via Flaminia road;
  • Church of Santa Maria Nuova, truly a treasure chest of Renaissance masterpieces, it houses works by Perugino and Raphael, besides a notable carved wooden choir.

Near Fano we advise the guide tour to the enchanting village of Orciano di Pesaro.