Guided tour of Jesi – province of Ancona

Located along the eastern bank of the Esino river at 97m a.s.l., Jesi is a historical town of great interest, circled by well-preserved Medieval town walls. The città del Verdicchio (the town of Verdicchio wine) is home to the region’s wine cellars and is the host to the well-established Pergolesi Spontini Festival.

To visit with a Jesi tour guide:

Piazza Federico II, ancient forum of this Roman town. Here, in 1194, was the famous emperor Frederick II born. Some of the most important religious buildings of the town face onto the square: the 18th-century Cathedral of San Settimio with its baptismal font where the composer Giovanni Battista Pergolesi in 1710: the deconsecrated church of San Floriano, which has housed the experimental and exhibition space of the Teatro Studio dedicated to the actress, Valeria Moriconi; the Diocesan Museum;

Palazzo della Signoria, Palazzo della Signoria, erected in elegant Renaissance forms in the 15th century by the architect, Francesco di Giorgio Martini, plays host to the Town Library and History archive;

Pergolesi Theatre, inaugurated in 1798, it is the only Teatro di Tradizione in the Marche, it dominates the central piazza della Repubblica. It is home to the Pergolesi-Spontini Foundation, the interior is decorated with scenes of mythology by Felice Gianni of Milan (1796) and hosts memories to two great local composers: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi from Jesi and Gaspare Spontini from the nearby town of Maiolati Spontini.

The Town Art Gallery, placed in the prestigious Palazzo Pianetti, takes care of a noteworthy group of works by Lorenzo Lotto, as well as providing the setting for the Rococo Stucco Gallery.

Near Jesi we advise the guided tour of the enchanting village of Morro d’Alba, famous for the production of the wine,Lacrima di Morro d’Alba.