Guided tour of Matelica – province of Macerata

Lying in the middle of a wide valley cut out by the Esino river and positioned amid the Apennine foothills, Matelica is of Picene origin and became a Roman municipium with the name of Matilica.
The town of the famous “Verdicchio di Matelica” wine, it is a unique village, very picturesque, and all to discover. The town is inextricably linked to the figure of Enrico Mattei, founder and president of ENI who lived here since he was a child.

To visit with a Matelica tour guide:

  • Piazza E. Mattei, is surrounded by precious buildings: the Loggia degli Ottoni, the church of the Suffrage, the Town Art Gallery of Palazzo Ottoni and Palazzo Pretorio. It is adorned in the centre by the elegant Octagonal Fountain, in white stone, of 1619;
  • The elegant Theatre is the work of the famous architect Giuseppe Piermarini, author of the Milan Teatro alla Scala. Inaugurated in 1812 and modified at various time, it was reopened to the general public in 1995 following detailed restauration work;
  • The Town Archaeological Museum, housed within the noteworthy halls of Palazzo Finaguerra, holds ruins discovered in the local and surrounding areas. A must-see are the collections concerning the Picentes people and Roman times;
  • Church of S. Francesco, Church of S. Francesco, of 13th-century origins, the ancient church revamped in the 18th century plays host to numerous works of art of great prestige, among which is thev “Madonna col Bimbo e Santi” by Marco Palmezzano of 1501, which still maintains its original frame today;
  • Piersanti Museum, accommodated within the ancient noble residence of the Piersanti family, it holds 18th-century spaces complete with original furnishing and maintains a collection of great artistic interest, sparkling with masterpieces (with works by Antonio da Fabriano, Lorenzo d’Alessandro, Vittore Crivelli, Jacobo and Giovanni Bellini). A trip to the top floor is unmissable, it holds a functioning 18th-century kitchen.


Near Matelica we advise the guided tour of Camerino, ancient Renaissance Ducal town.