Guided tour of Osimo – province of Ancona

Osimo is one of the most interesting cultural center of the Marche region, near the Conero Riviera. It is a Roman town with an untouched charm located on the summit of a hill, between the valleys of the Aspio and Musone rivers at 265 m. above sea level.

To visit with an Osimo tour guide:

Piazza del Comune, the ancient forum of Auximum, is dominated by the Town Hall, an elegant 17th-century building by the architect Pompeo Floriani, flanked by the 13th-century Town tower; in the enchanting atrium are twelve headless Roman statues;

Cathedral of San Leopardo, characterised by great entrance doors and by Romanesque-period decorations on the exterior, it displays an evocative crypt with Medieval sarcophagi and divided by sixteen Roman columns. Beside Osimo Cathedral is the Baptistery which contains the magnificent bronze baptismal font from 1627;

Sanctuary of Saint Joseph Cupertino, Sanctuary of Saint Joseph Cupertino, of Medieval origin but modified in the 18th century, the church houses the body of the saint, venerated in the crypt; Inside, the great panel with Madonna and Santi, painted by Antonio Solario in 1503, is worthy of note;

Grotte del Cantinone, the fascinating underground route is rich in evocative sculptures and enigmatic bas-reliefs everywhere in the huge labyrinth of the underground of the town, these are considered to be the most mysterious in all Italy;

Palazzo Campana, is a private 17th-century noble home, it later became a college which housed Aurelio Saffi and future Popes Leo XII and Pius VIII. The building also houses the Town Library and the interesting collection of the Town Museum;

La Fenice Theatre, dating back to the 19th century.

Near Osimo we advise the guided tour of Castelfidardo, the homeland of the accordion.