Guided tour of San Severino Marche – province of Macerata

This lovely town of Roman origins, the ancient Septempeda, rises halfway between the Adriatic sea and the Apennine mountain range of the provinces of Umbria and the Marche and is positioned in the valley of the Potenza river. San Severino Marche positioned in the valley of the Potenza river. San Severino Marche between the 14th and 15th centuries became one of the European centres for International Gothic, thanks to the Smeducci lords and to the work of the brothers Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni.

To visit with a San Severino Marche tour guide:

Castle, set in a panoramic position on top of mount Nero, is the earliest core of the Medieval town, Here rises the 14th-century leaning Municipal Tower and the Old Cathedral, with its 14th-century façade, which watches over a valuable wood choir carved and inlaid during the Renaissance. In the adjacent ancient Episcopo rests the G. Moretti Archaeological Museum;

Basilica of S. Lorenzo in Doliolo (Saint Lawrence in Doliolo) (XI-XIV centuries), rich in works of art, housed there are frescoes by the Salimbeni brothers; particular is the access to the 13th-century tower;

“Tacchi-Venturi” Civic Art Gallery,, contains important works by Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni, Paolo Veneziano, Lorenzo d’Alessandro, Vittore Crivelli, Niccolò l’Alunno and the famous Madonna dell’Umiltà (Virgin of Humility) by Pinturicchio;

Piazza del Popolo, considered to be one of the most beautiful piazzas in the Marche, it has the unusual elongated and elliptical shape (224m long X 55m wide) and it is surrounded by a colonnade and buildings from various time periods: the Municipal Building, constructed in 1764 and headquarters to the Municipal Modern Art Gallery, and the splendid Feronia Theatre, which was erected in 1827 on the design of the architect Ireneo Aleandri and characterised by a beautiful stage curtain.

Near San Severino Marche we advise the guided tour to the enchanting village of Serrapetrona, home of Vernaccia wine.