Guided tour of Senigallia – province of Ancona

With its thirteen kilometres of golden sands, the so called velvet strand, Senigallia is a renowned and lively holiday destination strongly characterised by tourism. Going farther back from the beach, we reach the old-town centre, with the Misa river flowing alongside it is rich in interesting sights and splendid squares. Senigallia is the hometown of Pope Pius IX and the well-known photographer, Mario Giacomelli.

To visit with a Senigallia tour guide:

Roveresca Fortress, splendid example of Renaissance military architecture, has been home to the famous Della Rovere lords, recalled in the splendid decorations that enrich the halls.

Piazza del Duca, dominated by the impressive Roveresca Fortress, onto the piazza face some of the most important buildings of the Renaissance of the town: from the Palazzetto del Duca, with the magnificent coffered ceiling of the Sala del Trono, in Palazzetto Baviera, rich in stucco decoration of the great Urbino sculptor, Federico Brandani. At its centre rises the splendid Fontana dei Leoni, built between 1599 and 1602 to recall works to improve the territory by the Della Rovere nobles;

Piazza Roma, is the centre of the town, characterised by the 16th-century municipal building and by the fountain of Neptune that takes its name from the sculpture devoid of limbs, maybe of Roman origins and known locally as ‘il monco in piazza’;

Church della Croce, a little jewel of the Baroque style in the Marche, it holds the famous canvas of the Trasporto di Cristo al sepolcro (Transport of Christ to the burial chamber), a 15th-century work by the great Urbino painter, Federico Barocci;

Foro Annonario, the scenic Neoclassical construction, an 18th-century work by the architect Pietro Ghinelli, is bordred by a splendid colonnade of 30 Doric columns. Home, for two centuries, of the fish and vegetable market, in the space is housed the Antonelliana Library.

Near Senigallia we advise the guided tour to the enchanting village of Corinaldo.